Now, say, “Cheese.” – photo wedding invitationes

Engagement sessions are becoming more and more popular. You may think that the photos from these sessions are simply a wonderful reminder that can be published on Instagram, we hurry up with a hint. It’s worth these beautiful photos also used in wedding invitations!

Photo wedding invitations are worth thinking about. Photo wedding cards are personalized to the limit! On the main card photo may be visible, thanks to which such an invitation with a photo will be a great souvenir for each guest.

Photo invitations can be simple and folded, but you might as well be tempted to get a little crazy and pick a photo invitation with rustic theme with eco paper, gold laminate or as folder – very popular and practical recently.

A good idea are also thank-you cards that are sent to guests after the wedding. In the form of the photo, but this time already wedding, will be great choice.

If you don’t have photos from a beautiful session, any photo together full of memories will be just as good! Just remember that the better the resolution, the more beautiful the final result will be and your photo invitation will enchant all guests.

And below you will find some of our suggestions for photo invitations.