Unusual wedding invitations

Botanical, boho and rustic motifs are not for you and you are looking for something special?

In our offer you will find many unusual wedding invitations! Unusual wedding cards can refer directly to your wedding theme. Do you both love Harry Potter or Game of Thrones? Great! Many couples decide on weddings in the atmosphere of their favorite books, games or TV series and in this case our unusual wedding invitations will be great choice.

Or maybe you are avid travelers and met at the end of the world? Unusual invitations in the form of an air ticket or passport will be perfect for you!

What if you don’t really want a consistent motive, but you just want a funny invitation? Invitations imitating court summons, theater tickets or playing cards enjoy unflagging interest. Guests will surely appreciate this unusual form of invitations and will remember them for a long time!

Torn, painted, calligraphic or plexiglass invitations are still very unusual…

Also wooden wedding cards close in box. Each of these designs is unique.

If you decide on unusual calligraphic invitations we can guarantee that each of them will be unique!