Ivory wedding invitations

Wedding is definitely associated with white. White as the dress color and the leading color has been at the forefront for years. But what if we are not convinced to white and still do not want to give up the bright color in our wedding arrangement?

A quick hint: ecru, ivory, cream … There are infinitely many shades of off-white, so every Bride and Groom can find something for themselves.

Also ivory wedding invitations can be beautiful and elegant or rustic and boho. As you well know, “sky is the limit” and ivory color, like white, can be combined with everything.

Ivory wedding invitations with carbon fiber, gilding or a heart of bark? No problem! In our offer you can find ecru invitations in any form: one-card, folder or opened. The ivory color in wedding cards looks beautiful and very graceful, be sure to check our suggestions.

Well, what about the wedding as such? In our offer you can also find ivory vignettes, and we will gladly match them to previously selected ivory wedding invitations. All the rest of the wedding stationery: menus, pendants etc. will also be found.

A wedding doesn’t have to mean pure white, which so many want to avoid. Ivory and ecru are a colors equally noble and beautiful, you do not have to be afraid of it in wedding arrangements and dresses.