Unique idea for wedding favors

When the whole wedding is already planned, we know what invitations we will order, which band will play our favorite songs and which chef will undertake to feed our guests, it is worth considering one more thing. And of course, it’s about wedding favors.

Wedding favors are something that many couples do not remember and in the form of thanks they give out guests cake or other treats that have remained after the wedding. And while a few years ago this form of wedding favors was the most popular, today it is being abandoned in favor of more sophisticated wedding favors.

Okay, but what will work best in the ocean of options? What wedding favors will be the most appropriate, not expensive and will please the recipients?

Here are a few suggestions for wedding favors that you can find in our offer.

Wedding favors in the form of small personalized honey jars are very popular. You can also order the jars themselves with our prints and fill them with hand-made preparations. It is familiar and sweet!

Staying on the subject of sweets, chocolate is also a good idea, beautifully packaged in labels designed and printed by us. And for the youngest … lollipops! We guarantee – every face will be smiling;)

Or maybe something extreme? Personalized “hang over kit”, small bottles with alcohol, are a great idea for wedding favors. Because what better quenches their thirst the next day, if not homemade wine prepared by you? Cheers!

A unique idea for wedding favors will also be tea fioli, fortune cookies and plants. Charming succulents with a thank you note, can there be something better that will bring back memories of a beautiful wedding?

Since we are remembering, it’s also worth thinking about magnets, because most of us like to collect them on our fridge. It will be nice to join the collection one more – from your wedding.