The customization and the details: Envelopes, Wax Seals & Types of printing

Create your perfect wedding stationery, personalize the colors and designs!

The details of your invitation set matter as much as the entire design. Colors, types of papers & printing, the smallest details are an essential part of your wedding invitations and accessories.

For sure you have seen lots of invitations with different papers or type of printout.
Take a look at some of our ideas, see the choices and get inspired!


Envelopes can be customized in many colors and types. From pastel shades to more bold colors.
Find the best matching for your color palette!


Wax seals

Wax seals have their renaissance time now.
This small, wax stamps will add more personalized touch to your wedding stationery and more elegance.
There are lots of available colors and patterns. This small but delightful detail can be a lovely decoration for the invitation or finishing touch for the envelope.


Types of printing

Choose the type of printing method that match your design and reflects your style.

Digital flat printing
This type of printing is one of the most popular. It is a flat style which ensure high expressiveness of printed text.
It is a standard type of printing, included in the basic price. Colors of inks can be also customized.

Foil printing
This method uses thin foil applied into your design which gives a fine metallic look. It’s very popular and impressive method.

Letterpress printing
This type of printing is very distinctive because of deep impression in paper. The print is pressed into the paper what makes elegant, lasting effect.
Each pattern must be made individual, so this printing method is extra paid.
It’s the most exclusive type of printout. Made on a custom request.