Green invitations – spring is coming

Green is undoubtedly the color of the year. Juicy grass, a deep shade of bottle green or pistachio notes – will be perfect for a rustic wedding with a forest theme.

A great choice will be green wedding invitations that will perfectly blend in with the theme. Forest inspirations fit perfectly with wooden accessories and wild flowers, and the whole will be completed by green wedding cards.

If you dream of a boho element, but you do not want to go all the way, invitations containing green leaves will be a great solution. In this case, it’s good to put green and white invitations that will still be part of the rustic trend, but still be very elegant. Some of our designs are minimalistic, a single twig and eco paper is something that impresses with its simplicity. White and green wedding stationery works equally well at a wedding. It is very transparent and clear, while highlighting the theme that started with green wedding invitations.

However, remember that green invitations do not have to be rustic and boho! If the wedding of your dreams is full of sparkle and gold, but you still want to find the perfect theme color, green will work perfectly!

Gold and green wedding cards are stylish and beautiful, but not obvious. From the bottle green, gold will get the most beautiful, while deep green will be a great background for the glittering golden glow. Green and gold wedding invitations have a class, and when you add plexiglass to them, as the main invitation card, they will gain originality.

Green invitations are a sea of ​​possibilities, and green is a graceful choice for a wedding thme. So what? Are you getting green?