Getting married in Tuscany

From a while I can see that destination weddings are more and more popular! We also fall in love with beautiful Tuscany venues and Cyprus ones!
Beautiful vineyards, live music, finger food parties and small chapels! Sounds like a dream!
Many customers and Tuscany wedding planners are looking for matching wedding stationery. We decided to prepare something more than casual paper destination wedding invitations. We prepared olives wedding invitation with real olives brunch! Made out of 100% recycled eco pistachio paper and dried olive brunch. They are perfectly matching the Tuscany vineyard wedding. Tuscany wedding is charming by itself but needs a final touch with Tuscany wedding packages for your guest as thank you gift. Sewed from linen material and decorated with olive brunch placed right on the plate with Tuscany wedding planner help or brides.
If you are married in Greece on some beautiful island we have also matching destination wedding invitations with eucalyptus. With a little bit touch of gold makes them more elegant wedding stationery than rustic wedding invitations.
I hope you will find some for your destination wedding and domestic too !