Find your sit – wedding place cards

Before you think that place cards are an unnecessary expense and a fad, imagine such a situation … It’s already after the ceremony, you arrive at the wedding hall, guests make their wishes, you experience moments full of laughter and emotions. And then … chaos! Nobody knows where to sit, grandmother crouched at the end of the table, and not exactly favorite uncle sits on the place of the bride.

Sounds funny? Only until it meets you … 😉

This situation can easily be avoided by buying place cards.

The place cards are small cards with the names of the guests, which you spread on each table cover. The guests know immediately where to sit, and you can easily seat them so that they are surrounded by people whom they like and with whom they will have fun.

Well-chosen wedding name cards will not stick on the table. They will complement the whole theme of the wedding and beautify the table decorations.

Rustic wedding place cards can be decorated with dried flowers, glamor name cards with gilded inscriptions will be great in elegant ballrooms, and modern laser cut place cards will intrigue your guests.

Below are some suggestions for interesting wedding place cards. As you can see, place cards do not have to be a simple white card (although you will also find such minimalist design in our offer). In a creative way, you can make them a great table decoration and even an interesting souvenir for guests.