Botanical inspirations

Botanical motifs on wedding invitations have been with us for a long time. And this is not surprising! This is a trend that many of you like very much. Botanical wedding invitations have been popular for years because of their delicacy and attractiveness.

If you are lovers of nature and delicate floral patterns, our botanical stationery are created for you! In our offer you will find botanical invitations for everyone: delicate floral motifs, gold inscriptions, and even dried flowers as a decorative element. Something good for everyone.

Botanical wedding cards will perfectly match many wedding arrangements. Whether it’s a rustic wedding in the barn or a glamor party in the white hall – flowers and botanical style will always defend themselves.

On the tables, botanical vignettes, botanical menus and decorations made of live and dried flowers will look beautiful.

As you can see botanical invitations are the perfect start to planning a unique wedding. Some of our suggestions below.