Acrylic wedding invitations

Acrylic invitations are totally must have for new wedding season! They are completely new trend in wedding stationery. We are amazed how universal and unique they are. From acrylic save the date heart shape and gold foil matching card our heart is really melting. Perspex wedding invitations could be customized as well as paper ones. They have engraved initials, flowers, hearts and many many more. For winter wonderland weddings we have frosted acrylic wedding invitations. Both clear acrylic wedding invitations and frozen acrylic invitations are covered up in vellum wrap, decorated with wax seal in matching color and placed inside envelope. Plexiglass invitations are perfect for customers who want to have something new, something different and not afraid of following latest trends. Please stay calm for envelopes for acrylic invitations we made bigger size and use thicker paper so all sets will be deliver to your guests. For sparkling weddings we have special gold acrylic wedding invitations! It is absolutely gorgeous! It Is gold mirror invite with acrylic invitations printing, eye-catching and making big impression as luxury acrylic wedding invitations. If you are in love with acrylic wedding invitations but your color theme is bit different we have some brave design as black acrylic invitations, perfectly matching burgundy or navy decorations. You can see below our models for wedding acrylic invitations.