22 Inspiring Spring Wedding Colors for 2024: Blooms & Hues

When you see major fashion magazines start to publish colorful eye makeup looks, the horn of spring has already blown. 2023’s winter was exceptionally long, and springtime 2024 is doubly infused with even more anticipation, especially by brides-to-be who started planning their spring weddings right in the middle of the cold. Are you desperate to flip the dull, dark hues and desire to replace them with ethereal pastels? Wait, springtime as a bridge between winter and summer boasts its plethora of hues and is full of magic. You can find a balance between dark and light tones for your spring wedding colors, warm and poetic, as long as you combine the colors in the right ways.

Spring is a wedding season. If you’re tired of the eye-popping spring color predictable posts on IG and Pin, go ahead and sort out the colorscapes you’re most looking forward to regarding weddings in your head. Blocked? Get out for a walk and feel the spring, or just stay home and scroll on the spring wedding colors ahead, you’ll get your creative juices flowing!

1. Sage Green

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Such a familiar moment. Last time I recommended sage green for autumn weddings. Yes, its dusty green hue determines its versatility. It provides a rustic feel for autumn and creates lightness for spring. The collision of the satin finish and sage gives bridesmaid dresses saturated luxury, shouting for the revival of spring

2. Tangerine Accents

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Adding citrus accents to the combination of verdant green and creamy flowers will make your spring wedding stand out. The rich tones exude the joy of revelry, just like some brides choose saturated burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, bringing eye-catching visual effects.

3. Navy Blue & Blush Pink

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The classic combination of deep shade and light hue is all you need to control the proportions to highlight the protagonist. Obviously, navy blue is a visual highlight against ivory and blush pink. The table linen that simulates green grass renders the entire dessert table into a small garden, interpreting the charm of an outdoor spring wedding indoors.

4. Lavender & White & Lemon Yellow

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There you have it, truly classic spring outdoor wedding colors are here. Numerous light tones instantly put people on a sunny day. The pastel color palette with lavender as the center and yellow accents tells the story of vitality after recovery. It is best to wear a bridesmaid dress made of chiffon fabric to carry out the light and warm feeling. In addition, I suggest that background colors such as tan and beige can be used as complementary colors that do not know how to fill other wedding decorations.

5. Mint Green & Coral

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Mint green recalls spring and summer, especially with the equally highly saturated coral Dahlias. Pure white chairs are placed on the spring green lawn, providing a powerful backdrop for the captivating duo. You can also copy this formula when it comes to drinks, a mint or coral martini will also allow your guests to enjoy the celebration.

6. Peach & Copper

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Blue is also a common color for spring weddings, whether dark or light. This spring wedding wisely uses the same color scheme with the just right amount of contrast–blush. Are you inspired by this dream wedding like a fairy tale? Don’t forget to add a little emerald or sage leaves to return to your unique confête in reality.

7. Dusty Blue & Peach & Soft Grey

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Let’s take a look at this stylish and understated gray-blue spring wedding. The large-area gray-blue and soft gray layout is neat and hard to ignore, contrasting with the blurry background in the distance. Of course, the ivory and peach flower centerpieces are eye-catching and provide a must-have sophistication for this spring wedding. The flaxen rattan chair as the finishing touch deconstructed the ethereal and retreatful wedding style, making this nuptial more diverse and simple.

8. Turquoise & Cream

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Try coastal charm in your spring-themed wedding by using this fresh and eye-catching duo of turquoise and cream. These colors are vibrant and reflect the serenity of the sea and its sands. A large amount of transparent glass is indispensable in the refreshing style, which makes the entire venue more transparent and natural by refracting the light in the room.

9. Ombre Blooming Hues

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Pragmatist brides, look over here! Infusing ombre colors into your wedding decor will save you from running out of ideas when planning, whether it’s wedding flower arrangements or dessert tables. Like this arch, which mainly uses gradient lavender, and also adds champagne flowers, the overall layering and ornamental value have been taken to a new level, which speaks for the brightness of spring weddings.

10. Cherry Blossom Pink & Sage

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Just imagine exchanging vows under the pink shades. You can bring the beauty of Tokyo’s cherry blossoms to your wedding with giant pink cherry blossom trees popping against the greenery and brightness of spring. This spring wedding by the sea takes romance and fantasy to the extreme with all-out pink and white. The black suits of the groomsmen have become a fulcrum, and the simple monochrome color accentuates the pink romance.

11. Butter Yellow & Sky Blue

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Butter yellow and sky blue are also a trending color for spring weddings these days because it reflect the warmth of the skies with the sun on it.

12. Dusty Blue & Lavender

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Wild flower bouquets are popular in spring weddings. The familiar pairing of lavender and dusty blue is still very powerful in the expressiveness of the bouquet. With a touch of mustard yellow, the overall style is more field-style.

13. Emerald Green & Gold

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In addition to the colorful palette, simple and plain color matching also has its own unique charm. The wedding decor based on ivory and ivory white provides a bright background color for the ceremony, while emerald green napkins echo the transition between winter and spring, making it a charming match for March and April weddings.

14. Dark Olive & Ivory

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No need to brainstorm, just two colors: dark olive and ivory, you can create a painting that belongs to your spring wedding. The bouquet is also highly consistent with the wedding attire, making the entire bridal look look full of spring. Even the dim light in the evening can still give girls a healthy glow.

15. Rose Gold & Ivory

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Try also a spring wedding using the powerful duo of rose gold and ivory which are luxurious and elegant creating a romantic vibe to your wedding day. Even such a simple combo reminds me of a sunny afternoon in southern France or Italy. Spring is here, can summer be far behind?

16. Boho Blush

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Don’t miss the charm of boho blush in your spring-themed wedding as this is trending these days. This celestial palette is a perfect combination of soft blush tones with earthy accents, which produces a magical and intimate atmosphere.

17. Sunflower Yellow & Navy

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Sunflowers are natural protagonists once they appear in wedding decorations. Pairing them with navy blue is a classic spring wedding duo. Adjust the amount of bright yellow to your liking, setting them into a broad tone or sporadic accents. Even an outdoor wedding on a rainy day can still feel warm.

18. Lilac & Blush

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There is no denying that lilac is a versatile color, which goes well with various colors, such as blush pink, ivory, mauve, light shades of blue, royal blue, or teal. Translucent blush drinks and lilac flowers without decoration announce the romance and sophistication of a spring wedding.

19. Mauve & Taupe

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Planning a wedding is long and tedious but full of games, such as mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses. Mauve dresses of the same fabric, different styles, and patterns highlight the different charms of girls. The fallen taupe leaves on the ground are a nod to winter, enriching the layering of a spring wedding.

20. Champagne & Tan Brown

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You may also try the subdued duo of champagne and tan brown which are perfect for a rustic and vintage spring wedding. Earthy tones never go out of style!

21. Navy & Dusty Pink

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Many couples opt for navy, dusty pink, and gold combinations for a spring-themed wedding because of its dreamy effect on the setting. This perfect trio will not just captivate the hearts of your guests but will also ensure a visually appealing set-up and memorable experiences for you and your beloved guests.

22. Sandy Tan & Slate Blue

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If you opt for a beach wedding, a sandy tan and slate blue combo is perfect for you. This powerful duo reflects the nature of an ocean radiating the serene sandy shores and the waves of the sea. With this setup, you will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests.