Personalised Wedding invitations, Glamour Wedding Invitation Suite • Golden Shine Wedding Stationery • Luxury Wedding Invites

Check out our brand new wedding invitations from the 2022 COLLECTION! These wedding invites are something incredibly different from what we’ve created before. They bring a lot of elegance to a couple’s special celebration. They are bound to suit a demanding brides need that is looking for perfection. The simple yet delicate ecru paper and the glistening gold foil print out is a very sophisticated combination that will surely match any desired wedding theme. The invitations admirable way to adapt to any wedding theme is beyond words. This heavenly wedding suite is fully customizable, starting from the text, to the colors and to the venue image at the top. The most amazing thing about this personalization is that you can send your own wedding venue and see it become a divine reality on your paper invitations. Ideally, by using these handmade wedding invitation cards that are quite affordable – you are giving luxury out to your guests. Don’t feel timid to contact us if you have a wondrous idea that you would like to see become an actuality before your wedding! Let our MargoAndBees team be the ones to design and produce your exquisite invitations for your exciting day!

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